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From Simi to Symi

My hometown’s name is “Simi Valley,” so naturally, there was already an incentive to check out “Symi, Greece,” simply for the wordplay. Beyond that though, Symi boasted a beautiful and active monastery, crystal clear waters and a tiny, colorful town reminiscent of the Amalfi Coast and very much resembling a scenic puzzle you might do at your grandparents’ house. Just a 90-minute ferry away from Rhodes Town, it was inevitable that we’d go check it out.


The gorgeous Panormitis Monastery beckoned us as our 400-passenger ship pulled into the harbor. We rushed off, eager to explore the 15th Century monastery.


After wandering the monastery, we took a break sitting and gazing out at the beautiful crystal bay. It was so easy to get lost in the beauty of the moment.


Feeling a little hungry, we headed over to the only bakery on this side of the island. In hindsight, this should have been our first stop, because they were already nearly out of everything by the time we got in! Luckily, literally everything they have is delicious.

These tiny little apple danishes topped with powdered sugar were a signature item, and incredibly delicious!

I struggle from gluten intolerance, and unfortunately my stomach paid dearly for this tiny little pie bite that evening. Was it worth it, though? Sooo worth it!!

After we spent about 40 minutes at the monastery, we boarded the ship again and went around the island for about 20-30 minutes to reach Symi Town. The view of the colorful little houses stacked on top of each other as you pull into the harbor is nothing short of incredible and breathtaking. It was like living a fairy tale!!



After we explored the town, we headed over to the tiny, pebbly beach section to take a dip in the Mediterranean Sea. These were honestly the warmest waters we entered our entire honeymoon!


Once we dried off, we stopped in one of the adorable little shops along the water for refreshing drinks. The yellow walls, green windows and bougainvilleas drew us into this particular one! We ordered a coffee frappe and a fruity libation.


After a fun few hours, we boarded our boat again and took it back to Rhodes Town. We made sure to get on 15 minutes before departure to secure comfortable couches in the dining area, which was also closer to the free wifi. After an hour and a half sailing back, we arrived back in Rhodes Town just in time to get dinner.

Overall, we would highly recommend taking a day trip or even spending the night on Symi Island in the Dodecanese. It’s gorgeous, full of history and so immensely charming. It was a honeymoon highlight, and we would return in a heartbeat!

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