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Hotel Review: Sophia Luxury Suites

Santorini was easily the dreamiest location we visited on our honeymoon, and our hotel in Imerovigli was even dreamier still.


We did tons of research before going, trying to figure out where to stay on the island. Santorini Dave and Stay Classy Ana  both helped us tremendously with our decision-making, and we narrowed it down to two different cities on the island: Imerovigli and Oia. Not being able to choose just one, we conceded to spending two nights in two different hotels. This review is for Sophia Luxury Suites in Imerovigli, but I will be posting a review for Canaves Luxury Suites in Oia soon!

Imerovigli: The Balcony to the Aegean. Home of the most romantic views, highest point on the island, most delicious foods and Skaros Rock – the former capital of the island and home to the ruins of an ancient Venetian castle. We loved our stays in both the hotels we chose, but Imerovigli was hands down our favorite area on the island.


(NOTE: Imerovigli is much steeper than Oia, and more difficult to walk around. We highly recommend it for young couples, but would suggest Oia for families or the elderly as it’s a bit easier to walk around. Keep in mind though that a good portion of Santorini consists of giant cliffs, which means there’s steep walking no matter where you are. Would NOT recommend bringing heels!)



We were picked up from Thira Airport by a kind driver holding a sleek wooden sign with our hotel name on it. In the car, he pointed out various points of interest along the way, and it was a fun pre-exploration of the island. Upon arriving at the hotel, a smiling man came to grab our luggage.


“Welcome to Santorini,” he said. “I think you will be very pleased with the view.”

We got to the edge, and found ourselves staring down a gorgeous Caldera view that looked like a postcard. Hundreds of tiny little white rooftops decorated the landscape and led out to Skaros Rock. The picturesque town of Oia glittered in the distance.

We had but a moment to take in the sights before we descended the steep steps to a charming check-in cave, where the lovely Olga greeted us and gave us a run-down of the island. With all the research we did, we had already booked many of the things she suggested, but her recommendations are all-encompassing for anyone who hasn’t had time to look into activities! The team at the front desk was also more than happy to make any restaurant/activity reservations for us, which was a fun perk.

We arrived early in the morning and our room wasn’t quite ready yet, but the staff kindly opened an empty room for us to freshen up in and provided us with croissants and coffee. After a 20 minutes of relaxation, we set out for the famous Fira-Oia hike (9 kilometers), and were not back until later in the afternoon to see our room.


DISCLAIMER: We forgot about taking pictures inside the room until, well, it was time to check out. So, I promise that everything was much neater when we first arrived!

After much research (aka looking at photos), we selected the Efhari Exclusive Suite, which is the highest room on the Caldera. We were fortunate enough to see the inside of a Charisma Suite when we arrived early, and found that the extra cost of the Efhari Suite was completely worthwhile for us. Its ideal location made it feel like it was the most private of the suites. It’s also the most convenient location for walking into Fira (or braving the 2.5-hour walk to Oia), since it’s so close to the main road.

First off, VIEWS, VIEWS, VIEWS! Can we talk about views!! Our private terrace consisted of a cute two-seat table high on a ledge with a prime line of sight for Skaros Rock, an adorable lounge area to lay out on, a larger wooden table perfect for breakfast and a gorgeous, hip-deep (at least for me) plunge pool.

It’s safe to say we spent most of the time in our room on the balcony!!


Beyond the perfect outdoor area, the inside was also completely charming. Unlike most cave-themed rooms in Santorini, this one had a different rustic, wooden charm to it. Our bed faced adorable wooden shutters that, when opened, revealed a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea. The rain shower was lovely, the King bed was incredibly comfortable.

Oh, also, we had a separate downstairs chess room. That’s right. A CHESS ROOM!




Don’t get me started on the breakfast here at Sophia Suites (included with the room rates). The room service here was easily the BEST breakfast we had our entire honeymoon! Every evening, we were presented with a menu card and pencil to check off two food items in every category on their list. Every item was delicious, but the highlights for us were the Greek Yogurt with Walnuts and Honey, the Almond-Banana Toast and a Tomato/Feta dish. OH – and the cappuccino freddos here were literally THE BEST.



Sophia Suites went above and beyond to make the ambiance of our honeymoon nothing short of magical. We were not in our room 10 minutes before they brought up welcome drinks and fresh fruit.


Every evening while we were out at dinner, we would come back to romantically lit candles all around the floor. Both nights they brought up specialty desserts from the kitchen – the first night was little chocolate brownies, and the second night was tiny lemon cakes.

Upon departure, we were presented with a goodbye gift: a package consisting of Greek olive oil, volcanic black soap, Sophia-themed earrings and a bracelet.


In summary, would we stay at Sophia Luxury Suites again if we were in Santorini? Absolutely, 100%!!!!! If you’re ever in Santorini and looking for a luxury hotel to stay at that’s a little bit newer (only 2-years-old) and more affordable than Grace Santorini, we HIGHLY recommend you try out Sophia Suites.


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