Hi all, it’s Cherise! Thanks for joining me on my adventures.


Here’s a little about me. I’m addicted to travel, adore my family, live on coffee, newly married to the best husband in the world and am a devout Jesus-lover.

TRAVEL: Having lived abroad and been blessed with opportunities to see the world, I’ve created this blog as a way to share my experiences and provide whatever insights I possibly can to the amazing places I’ve been. This is not my day job, but travel and food are passions of mine!

FASHION: I enjoy wearing cute clothes, but am not an expert in any way. I hope y’all will enjoy my sense of style and that it inspires you to curate yours as well. 🙂

HEALTH: Recently diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity, I am also learning the new limitations of my diet and am learning (sometimes the hard way!) what I can eat when I’m away from home. Hopefully my tips will benefit you as well if you struggle with the same!

What else about me? I love cuddly kitties, have a minor obsession with owls, drink so much coffee it probably flows through my veins, am a bit of  Disney addict, frequently burst out into random song (check out my YouTube page as well!) and am friends with anyone who gives me free food.

Much love!!


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