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3 Day Sahara Desert Tour

When you think of Morocco, it’s likely that two things will come to mind: the bustling souks of Marrakech, and the vastness of the red Sahara Desert. (Okay, maybe you also think about the blue pearl, aka Chefchaouen. But we didn’t make it there this trip so that sadly won’t be covered on here…yet!) Back… Continue reading 3 Day Sahara Desert Tour

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2 Days in Marrakech

At long last, we’ve made it to the continent of Africa!! Marrakech has LONG been on my travel bucket list, and I’m so grateful that my hubby and I were able to make it here over American Thanksgiving. <3 Pro tip for my fellow Americans: International travel during our Thanksgiving domestic holiday is MUCH cheaper… Continue reading 2 Days in Marrakech